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Finnishing well - blessings at the end of the year

I was just going for a walk. It is fresh outside, a strong wind is blowing. It is good to feel this wind, to let my thoughts become clear. Especially on the last day of the year. And perceive what was again.

Maybe you still have a little moment for yourself today, in silence, to pause and be mindful of what was and what is.

For that I wish you:

Appreciate what you have achieved, what you have created, what you have managed - not only on the outside, but above all on the inside. Appreciate your big and small steps.

For what you didn't succeed this year, hug yourself. Full of love and self-care. Stroke your back and give yourself courage to try again.

Build a nest for injuries that you have suffered and that have not healed yet. Bed them in this nest and let them heal there. Provide them with everything they need to heal and let something new bloom from their scar.

Be thankful for what was given to you this year: experiences, encounters, conversations that made you grow. Collect these memories like a colorful, beautiful bouquet!

Bow down to the love that was given to you and that you gave. Bow particularly deeply to the love that you have given yourself. Bow down to the sun, the moon, the four elements. They are all love.

Let go of what no longer belongs to you. What no longer feels right. For what you can no longer honestly say yes. Open your hand and let go, hand it to the wind, the fire, the water, the earth. And do this gently, with respect and appreciation. It was yours for a long time and now it can go. And create space - for new things.

I wish you a good end to this year. May you be protected.

All the best,

Anna from luonnontaika

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